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WordPress Auth Driver for Laravel

The WordPress Auth Driver for Laravel Composer package allows you to authenticate users in your Laravel application against an existing user table from a WordPress installation. The package exposes two Laravel service providers: WordPressAuthServiceProvider extends the auth driver with a new “wordpress” user provider. WordPressHashServiceProvider provides a new service “wordpress-hash” which hashes values using the same library that WordPress uses. …

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How to run composer commands on DeployHQ

DeployHQ is a great service for automating the deployment of code from source code repositories onto SSH, SFTP or cloud servers. When deploying applications which use Composer for dependency management, you often want to run Composer commands after deployment to install or update those dependencies. Fortunately, Deploy makes it easy to run SSH commands before and/or after deployment. For example, …

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Linode PHP Library Composer Package

I use Linode to host my VPS’s that run my websites and various other services online. I also use their DNS manager to host DNS services for the hundreds of domain names I own or manage for my clients. Many of my domains are duplicates from different Top Level Domains (TLDs), for example, I own,,,, etc. …

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Twitter PHP Library Composer Package

My second Composer package is now available on Packagist. Bitbucket: Hampel Twitter Packagist: hampel/twitter This library is a PHP wrapper for the Twitter API and uses the Guzzle HTTP Client library rather than calling cURL directly. I do quite a lot of work integrating with online services via their APIs and so have used cURL quite extensively. I found myself …

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JSON PHP Library Composer Package

I’ve started working with Laravel 4 and am really enjoying the power of this PHP framework. Now that Laravel uses Composer┬ápackages, managing libraries and dependencies has become very simple – it solves so many of the problems I’ve struggled with in recent years when managing the components and libraries for the applications I build. I have built a few libraries …

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