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Error Code 19 from CD/DVD drive in Windows

My sister-in-law was having some difficulty with her laptop where it was not recognising the DVD drive. She even purchased an external DVD drive on the assumption that the internal drive was broken, however, she also found that it did not worth either. She eventually gave up and asked me to have a look at it. My first approach (after making …

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How to delete a Windows volume mount point for an invalid drive

When I rebuilt my server earlier this year to run Windows 7 (rather than Windows Home Server), I decided to use Windows mount points to expand the storage rather than using separate drive letters or something like RAID to span disks. The structure I use is similar to this: C:\   - Backup   - PCBackups - T510 - T60 …

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How to convert scheduled tasks from Windows XP to Windows 7

When I decommissioned my Windows Home Server recently, I decided to replace it with Windows 7. However, I had over 20 scheduled tasks running on the WHS box to do things like back up my websites and backup files on the server and such. I wanted to recreate these scheduled tasks on the new Windows 7 install, but discovered that …

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How to turn on/off Keyboard NumLock on bootup in Windows

I recently rebuilt my home server machine to run Windows 7. I attached my ThinkPad USB Keyboard with TrackPoint to the machine (love these keyboards – the feel and usability of a ThinkPad keyboard on a desktop!!), but after setup, I found that I was having difficulty logging in with the username and password I had specified. I did also …

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